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7020 Aluminum Blocks

Last Updated :2023/06/13
A1-Zn-Mg series aluminum alloys have been widely used in high-speed trains, subways, new energy vehicles and other fields due to their light weight, high specific strength, good formability, good corrosion resistance, and reasonable price. 7020 Aluminum Blocks metal is made of A1-Zn-Mg alloy, mainly used for high-speed train underframe bolsters, traction beams, large and small beams and bottom plates. The material is prone to premature fatigue and failure due to long-term service in complex external environment, high load, frequent acceleration and deceleration, and can not reach the designed service life. Therefore, it is of great engineering significance to reveal the mechanism of 7020 Aluminum Blocks material micro-multiphase microstructure on the initiation and propagation of fatigue cracks to fracture, and to find out the control direction of multi-phase microstructure to improve the fatigue resistance of 7020 Aluminum Blocks.

7020 Aluminum Blocks belongs to medium and high strength Al-Zn-Mg alloy. Compared with 6 series and 5 series alloys, its strength is slightly higher, but it is a grade with lower strength among 7 series alloys. With good welding performance and process performance, it is the main welding structural material for aerospace vehicles, ground vehicles and equipment, and is widely used in the manufacture of high-speed train bodies. The 7020 Aluminum Blocks has good comprehensive properties after heat treatment. The material can be produced as raw materials in various product forms by hot rolling, hot forging, cold rolling and extrusion.
7020 Aluminum Blocks is widely used as the main welding structural material for aerospace vehicles and ground vehicles and equipment, and is widely used to manufacture the body of high-speed trains.